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You all know I am an avid thrifter and love to shop secondhand clothes, because I never know what unique pieces and exciting bargains I will find. Since I moved to Denmark I have held a secondhand clothes event in my house and over the last few months I have sold over 360 items of clothes through my new Facebook group “Secondhand Style Copenhagen”. I opened this in April of 2014 and it already has over 1450 members and it continues to grow and grow.

My plan was to sell the things I never wear and buy new and exciting staple pieces needed in my wardrobe. I would highly recommend this, basically your recycling your old wardrobe for a new one. While working on this over the last few months I have met some amazing like minded girls with a love of thrifting here in the city. A few of these girls have asked how I have managed to sell so many items online. Here are my tips for selling some of your gems online.


  • First things first make sure that all the items you are selling have been newly washed and fully checked for any faults. If you want to have repeat customers you need to show them that you care for your clothes and care about the quality of clothes you are selling.
  • Iron all your items, nobody wants to see a wrinkled item sitting on a hanger it is just not appealing.
  • Take good quality photos in bright daylight, no one wants to see a crappy image of a dress that you can barely make out the colour or the detail. If the photo mutes or darkens the colour of the dress then take a close up shot to show them the actual colour, and post it in the comments below.10007497_377055569102011_938495842974716078_n
  • If the item is not photographing very well then why not post an image of you wearing the item, ok that’s a little easier for me being a fashion blogger but it would take 2 minutes to pop it on and have a friend take the picture for you.
  • I would highly recommend taking a photo front and back of the item you are trying to sell to give the buyer an over all look of the piece.
  • Give detailed info about the product, brand, size, length, price. All the info is there in plain sight and saves you having to answer alot of repeat questions. Also where the item can be picked up or tried on. Location plays a big factor in the interest in your place also. Check the top of the page for Group guidelines.
  • Let the buyer know if tags are still on, never been worn, only worn twice. This info is great for giving them an idea of how worn in the item is especially for shoes or knitwear.10462661_398670063607228_1308325606367773947_n
  • If your looking to buy or sell your items here in Copenhagen why not check out my Facebook Group “Secondhand Style Copenhagen”. I used this Facebook group to promote my secondhand sales event in my apartment and would definitely recommend a few of your friends getting together and giving it a try. It was totally worth it and great at moving larger quantities of your stuff if you have alot to sell.

Even if you dont plan to sell your items online these tips work just as good if you are looking to sell your items at an upcoming flea market (minus the photo’s obviously). But how to present your unique pieces. I will continue my “Thrifting Series” over on my YouTube channel very soon with some great places and pieces I have found here in Copenhagen since I moved here. I hope you found this helpful and I hope it helps you sell some of your pre-loved wardrobe.

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