LOOKBOOK: Distortion Music Festival, Copenhagen

Final Distortion outfits

Distortion is an epic music festival that hits Copenhagen each year and I was lucky enough to make it to 4 days of the festival. Distortion is a mix of street parties by day and club venues by night. The event is described as orchestrated chaos and after the first night in Norrebro I can see why! 

Day 1 distrotion

Day 1: Wednesday, the first day was party central with quiet a young and “Student” atmosphere. There was a different DJ on every corner and a great genre of music to suit every taste. The rain threatened us a few times but never came down which I was thrilled as I had worn this black H&M playsuit. I packed a pair of tights to pop on under my playsuit as the temperature really dropped after 8pm. (FYI- a playsuit isnt the smartest thing to wear to a festival!) And boy was my converse the right choice of footwear as the street got pretty messy. If you ever get the chance to go wear suitable footwear. Battling your way through the busy streets and also comfy for dancing. The street carnage can be a little tricky to maneuver. Especially after a little foam party on the bridge. We hit a club to finish the night nothing too hectic as we still had the whole weekend ahead.

Day 2 distortion

Day 2: The event moved to the Vesterbro area of town for round 2, big crowds also today with Friday being a bank holiday here in Denmark most people had the following day off. I dressed a little warmer today with a long sweater and biker jacket. Seemed like a more relaxed vibe at first but as the night went on the crowds descended onto this street party. We headed to the main club that night which was set in a gym and swimming pool area, this was a busy night.


Day 3: The event moved out to the harbour for Friday and Saturday night taking it out of the city and into a industrial area where the main club was set in a rock climbing warehouse. Which boasts to be the highest in Europe, bravo Distortion probably the coolest venue of the festival. Very windy out in the Harbour so I was glad I brought a pair of jeans and converse to change into. The music on this day was my least favourite of the event. We headed back into town and went clubbing instead.

Day 4 distortion

Day4: Today is the final party and I’m hungover and all partied out after the last few days.  I chose warm and comfy clothes over anything else today because of the cold and the warehouse/ field setting. We took the shuttle ferry out to the harbour again and when we landed the vibe of today was totally different to yesterday. Much cooler crowd and music was so much better. The sun was well up when we travelled home Sunday morning.  Here is a video of my looks for the festival and a few sneaky clips of the event. Distortion is truly a great experience and not to be missed if you ever get the chance to go.

Stay Stylish,
Fiona x

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