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DIY Dreamcatcher | Modern Boho Home Decor

thumbnailFor most of my teenage life I had a dream catcher in my bedroom. I have always loved the idea behind it and dream catchers always remind me of my sister Cathleen. I woke up recently and decided it was time to make a stab at it and create my own. Today’s DIY is a long awaited project of mine and I cant wait for you to see how it turned out! (more…)

Home Decor Haul & DIY: En-suite Bathroom Mini Makeover

yt thumbnails miniHi Guys,I’ve been working on a few projects around my apartment and I thought it would be fun to show you the process to give you a little inspiration and to prove that it doesnt have to cost a fortune to revamp a space. I hope you enjoy these types of videos and if you did enjoy please give it a thumbs up! This also includes a big Copenhagen Home decor Haul yeah!! I forgot to mention the paint I used is from Silvan, it is a soft grey and I also used it to paint the marble frames! (more…)

DIY: Raven Queen Halloween Costume

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I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween celebrations I know I did! Today I want to share my DIY Raven Queen Halloween costume. I pulled this together the day before so its super easy all you need is spray paint, hot glue and some imagination oh and a LBD of course.  (more…)

Thrift Find: Porcelain Skull

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On a recent trip to Cardiff I found this cool skull in a flea market. The seller wanted £10 for it but we settled on £7. Its made from porcelain and very light weight so perfect for travelling back in my case.  (more…)

DIY Dipped Hem Denim Shorts | Style Resurrection #5

thumbnailSo I was bored last week and decided a new denim shorts DIY was well over due. We all know a girl can never have too many denim shorts in the Summer but I wanted to do one a little bit different. If you struggle trying to find shorts to cover your bum/back of your thighs this DIY is perfect for you. All you need is an old pair of jeans, scissors, tweezers and some bleach if you fancy lightening your pair. Lets begin!  (more…)

Home Decor: DIY Pallet Coffee Table

insta (5)You might remember my DIY coffee table from last Summer, its gone viral and how excited was I to see it has more then 300K views! I’ve just realised I havent shared it here on the blog but just on my Youtube channel. My hubbie Ross came home with this pallet one day after work and I knew instantly it was our new coffee table. (more…)

DIY / Upcycle: Thrifted kitchen storage unit

AfterI live in an old building in the heart of Copenhagen, although my apartment has lots of character it also has 2.2 metre high ceiling’s. This means no over head cabinets for extra storage, so when it comes to storing some kitchen condiments I have to put a little extra thought into how everything is displayed. You see I’m not one to have everything and anything on display, it can look cluttered and messy. In a bid to appear more organised and to give you some budget storage tips here is todays upcycle project. (more…)

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